Modular hardware for creative workflow in software programs

Hi everyone,

A few minutes ago, I just came across a company that’s effectively manufacturing one of the more outstanding ideas I’ve had in the past decade.

The idea occurred while I was developing an interface for a hardware controller in SC, and I discovered from the documentation that one could effectively control OS X using terminal commands, as well as any software application by using a combination of simulated keystrokes & applescript.

All of these (terminal & scripting based) controls could then be mapped to any of the hardware based controls (dials, controls switches, faders etc.) using SC, and for achieving the furthest outreach of seemingly endless possibility.

It turns out Monogram is already doing this… perfectly.

I’m here to tell you before I leave, everything is as over priced as it is aesthetically minimal, elegant, and clean.

With only SC, a few hours, and $30 towards a Korg nanoKontrol or similar, anyone could achieve close to or more than the exact same thing.

Here’s the product video, cut straight to the unveiling… it’s interesting, & it’s spark could flame in SC.

Wow, that looks very interesting for live performances, thanks for the tip.

The hardware modules are envisioned along the horizon of creative workflow solutions for studio production.

e.g. mapping the value of a parameter in PhotoShop to a slider.

“Creative Console” (software, Mac & Windows) completes the workflow solution for hardware modules that come with the level of intended firmware beyond all that is in essence a standard MIDI controller sending control change messages.

Arriving to the reason this thread exists: SC is the ideal framework for the effective construct of such a targeted application.

Ultimately, the jewel of such a vision is brought into light upon the advent of applescript. (Disclaimer: IMO;)

Mac OS X applications have the choice to support the automation of their program with the usage of applescript.

If they don’t, then it means they do not provide extended functionality, however, at least two possibilities still exist:

- Custom shortcuts & simulated key strokes, while the application is in focus
- Anything in the top header drop down menu will automatically become an applescript command.

A pseduo-example for SC:

tell application SuperCollider \'Language\' and \'Evaluate File\'

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