Notam Online Meetups - Fall season 2022

Dear SuperCollider users,

We are starting up again with the Online #SuperCollider Meetup at Notam. First meetup is tonight, Wednesday September 14th at 7PM GMT+2.

The meetup dates this fall season are:

  • September 14th
  • October 12th
  • November 9th
  • December 7th

As in the past, these will happen on Wednesdays at 7pm CET (Oslo time). The meetups are occurring online-only via Zoom, and are graciously organized by Notam and @madskjeldgaard .

Free and open to everyone, as usual.

SuperCollider meetup:

Meeting ID: 974 3258 0111

Link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

At these meetups, SuperCollider users of all skill levels get together to share ideas, frustrations, help each other and show off projects and workflows in an inspiring and friendly way.

Follow this post using the bell icon (right) to see updates to the schedule, and more specific information about meetup topics.

If you have accessibility related requests or questions about the meetup, please do not hesitate to contact me ( @eirikblekesaune ) and I will will do my best to address them.

All community events at Notam fall under the NOTAM Code of Conduct to make them as inclusive as possible. Please follow the link and read the full Code of Conduct before joining an event: Notam Code of Conduct - Notam

Hope to see both new and old faces in the Zoom room!:smiley:


wooohoo and some more characters to celebrate this wooohoo

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For those joining in for the meetup, If anything happens with the Zoom meeting technically, or if you have problems joining the Zoom room, we can use this topic to communicate.

See you soon!

And for those who want to share your sound from SuperCollider,please have a look at the guide that @scztt have written here: Sharing SuperCollider in Video Conferences

Thanks for joining the first Notam SuperCollider online meetup! It was many really interesting tips, tricks, insights and link we got from you all. I have tried to gather them all here for everyone to check out.

jjonas//forces linked to the now quite active community on the SuperCollider Discord server that he is running. Would be nice to see more people join here!

Camilla’s (the_emergent) SuperCollider Twitch stream are found here where they stream regularly. Next time is tomorrow (Thursday September 15th at 7:30PM GMT+2)

Nathan Ho’s blog post about Matrix Modular Synthesis.

A series of videos that show how to use Flucoma for exploring a audio segment corpus with a 2D interface, using audio analysis and some machine learning.

Jan-Lars Kleine-Tebbe posted a link to an album by Tony Lugo -Synthetic Percussion Works made with SuperCollider.

joonas//forces is performing a networked concert through Twitch (from Finland) at the Envelope Festival.

Mads Kjeldgaard’s holding a workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania in October with the title ‘Composing 3D music using SuperCollider and ambisonics’, which should be a blast!

Daniel M Karlsson logging sketches on webpage, for ensuring that they always work the way the were intended.

Daniel M Karlsson’s SuperClean framework.

Mads Kjeldgaard, while talking about organizing audio files in relation to projects, mentioned using GitHub’s Git Large File Storage for storing audio files together with your git repos.

Mads Kjeldgaards PolyBuf Quark that loads bunches of audio files into collections of buffers in SuperCollider.

Panagiota Anastasopoulou: my soon-to-be with songs soundcloud

Yann Ics: Link to the freesound-supercollider Quark,

Igor Medeiros posted a nice extension, MIRLC made by Anna Xambo, for working with freesound files.

Panagiota Anastasopoulou, video with Professor Philippe Esling’s(IRCAM) keynote talk about creativity using AI.

joonas//forces posted a link to an article that describes a resynthesis architecture for neural FM synth structures, for modelling/training a model to imitate the DX7 synth.

Next meetup is happening October 12th, as always at 7PM GMT+2, at the Zoom link.


Dear SuperCollider users,

Today, Wednesday, at 7PM GMT+2 is the second online Meetup at Notam:

Place: online

Free and open to everyone, as usual. Join via zoom.

Hope to see both new and old faces in the Zoom room!😃

After each meetup I will make a summary with the links that people have contributed with based on the chat log. Hence, I recommend that you join the Zoom meeting with the name/username you would prefer to be cited with in the summary.

hi eric – trying to login here from my browser on linux, but got a msg " This meeting is for authorized attendees only

Please sign into Zoom with an email address authorized for joining this meeting."

last meeting i was logged from my browser…
thx in advance!

Same here, having the same problem

Dear igormpc, Due to security reasons you have to be aregistered zoom user to bea able to join, since we have had some cases of unwanted screen sharing etc.

Thanks everyone for joining this SuperCollider meetup! Here is a quick summary of the links that were posted in the chat.

live coding and collaboration

@vitreo12 posted a live coding dialect he has been working on called AlgaLib

Daniel Karlssons setup for LAN party style laptop orchestra sessions, so that scusers can play together more like a band []

Relevant to this, Luke Nihlen posted his work with developing frameworks for laptop orchestras in SCLOrkHub

Georgios shared notes from his experiments with Ross Bencinas OscGroups here

Luke posted a link to NINJAM as something that many people was using during the pandemic.

igor posted a link to Troop

Luke Nihlen update on Hadron and sclint development

Luke’s work with Hadron and sclint is coming along with many exiting challenges arising.
He invites more people to join in the develoment efforts.
One quite severe bug in the interpreter of sclang was found (edit: this was en error on my side, please see Luke’s reply later in this topic for clarification), which he describes here
If anyone are interested in contributing to the develpoment you are most welcome to join, but it is an advantage that you have some proficiency with either network programming, compiler design, and preferrably C++.
One book Luke recommends for getting into designing programming languages is [] by Robert Nystrom

Machine learning, Flucoma

Yann talked about his work using Flucoma and will post his findings on this forum later.
Francesco has been involved in developing the Flucoma library and linked to the forum

Another library for audio analysis was posten by Mike McCrea, Nick Collins’ SCMIR

Marcin P. Paczkowski posted a link to a piece he made made using accelerometer, Flucoma, machine learning and spatial sound: []

Daniel Karlsson posted a promotion for Notam’s upcoming workshop in building a Benjolin Eurorack module.

MikeMcCrea posted a link to a paper that presents methods for spatial sound related to machine learning.

Daniel Karlsson posted Mads Kjeldgaard’s safer version of Alejandro Olartes Benjolin: [A safer version of Alejandro Olartes benjolin · GitHub]

Just intonation

Please check out Camilla’s streaming on twitch, [Twitch], next stream on Tuesday at 7:30 PM GMT+2.

igor medeiros posted the Plainsound Harmonic Space Calculator

Nathan Ho talked about acreil YouTube channel, where he presents music and pure data patches based on just intonation.
David Morgan posted an interview with acreil.

Daniel Karlsson posted the last granular synth that ever has to be made, HourGlass, which you can control using OSC.

Last but not least, Nathan Ho have been working with many different approaches to modeliing analog sythesis circuits on SuperCollider, which he will post here on scsynth in the near future, so make sure to check that out when it comes. I see that he has already posted on in this topic.


Hey Erik,

Thanks so much for organizing the NOTAM meetups and posting these notes. I wanted to add one clarification about the method return inside of lexically-scoped block functions comment. I don’t think it’s an interpreter bug, in fact, I think it’s an intentional feature. There’s one major language feature that I know of ,try and protect blocks, that rely on this behavior. Rather I’m organizing a proposal to detect this language usage and return an error. More on that (and in an appropriate forum) when it’s ready, but for now please understand I’m not characterizing this as a bug.


Thanks Luke for that important clarification! I apologize for my misunderstanding of the issue. I’ll make sure to be a bit more cautious when making these summaries in the future, and if needed reach out to those who are cited about clarifications. I’ll try to edit the post now, though I doubt that the edit will be sent to the email-subscribers.

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Dear SuperCollider users,

Today, Wednesday November 9th, at 7PM GMT+2 is the third online Meetup at Notam:

Place: online

Free and open to everyone, as usual. Join via zoom.

Hope to see both new and old faces in the Zoom room!😃

I really wanted to join but had to work late :confused:
Will there be more of these after the December session? I’m pretty much an absolute beginner though.

Dear SuperCollider users,

This Wednesday, December 7th, at 7PM GMT+2 is the fourth and last online Meetup at Notam this season:

Place: online

For this meetup I propose that we can have a starting topic we can of course naturally depart from during the conversations. This way people can dig out their coolest patches from near and distant past, and bring them to the meetup if they want.

The topic for this meetup is: Rhythms

Free and open to everyone, as usual. Join via zoom.

Hope to see both new and old faces in the Zoom room!😃

There will be more meetups next year yes! More info will follow after the meetup this week. Hope to see you on Wednesday 7th.