PortedPlugins (formerly MKPlugins): Server plugins ported from elsewhere

Hello all
I will use this thread to post about my own little plugin collection called MKPlugins.

Included plugins

See help files for more information on these, included links to sources/research where applicable:


Chen’s chaotic double scroll attractor. Inspired by Bryan Head’s implementation in the Mutable Instruments Stages alternative firmware.


A digital model of the Buchla Lowpass-Gate. Based on a paper/research by Julian Parker and Stefano D’Angelo.


A modal synthesis voice based on the algorithms of Mutable Instruments’ modules. It’s sonic territory spans tired spring reverb, plastic tubes, metallic percussion and plucked strings.

Download and install

There are prebuilt plugins on Github:


Added in V.1.2.0: Rongs. A modal synthesis voice.






Looks like wrong vid for chen! And thanks for these - excited to try

Thanks for the headsup, it’s fixed now

V0.1.3 is out now.


Rongs: Make number of modes a user selectable parameter
Rongs: Add a cosFreq parameter to manipulate the innitial state of filters
Rongs: Add synthdef/pbind example
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It sounds really great! Is this part of a modular/eurorack-like environment for SC? I was always puzzled by LPGs, and I always wondered If I could make use of one of them in my modular setup. I guess it’s time to figure out now.

Very cool, thanks! I will definitely test it. How is Rongs different from the MIRings Ugen created by Volker Böhm.

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Rongs is more of a remix of the algorithms for Mutable Instruments’ Plaits, Rings and Elements with some added settings of my own devising (allowing for extreme amounts of modes for example). See the help file for more info :slight_smile:

I’m not deeply familiar with the mi-ugens’ code but it seems to be more of a direct 1:1 port.


Released v0.0.1.4C

Add a bunch of plugins based on the DaisySP dsp library / Mutable Instruments.

  • AnalogBassDrum
  • AnalogSnareDrum
  • DComressor
  • BLOsc
  • HarmonicOsc
  • NeoVarSawOsc
  • OscBank
  • VarShapeOsc
  • VosimOsc
  • ZOsc
  • StringVoice

See the helpfile MKPlugins for an overview and the respective help files for more details.


Great UGens! Thanks! I just installed them and played for a bit. It’s really nice to see so many oscillators being added to SC.

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v.0.1.5 out now. Adds a new osc.

v.0.1.6A out now. Adds “Resonator”.

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We can’t stop Mads now ! Congrats ! Keep it up !


There is currently a bug with the DaisySP library not allowing the plugins to build on the Raspberry Pi, but should be fixed soon. See this issue:
Raspberry Pi builds broken with DaisySP inclusion · Issue #6 · madskjeldgaard/mkplugins · GitHub

For Arch Linux / Manjaro users:
I added the plugins to the AUR as a package. This is the easiest way to keep up. Install using an aur helper like so:

yay -S supercollider-mkplugins



Released v0.1.7D

Includes new plugins: Awesome virtual analog phasers
and bug fixes (the bugs are not virtual analog unfortunately). See release notes for more info.

Massive thank you to Jatin Chowdhury for sharing his awesome awesome work

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v0.1.8E released

This release adds some extremely high quality virtual analog distortion and saturation UGens with variable oversampleing and anti aliasing filters plus a new modal filter.


  • AnalogTape
  • AnalogVintageDistortion
  • PhasorModal

Massive thanks to Jatin Chowdhury on whose work this is based.


Great work, @madskjeldgaard! It’s a lot of fun to play around with those!

On Windows, they only work with the SuperCollider 64-bit version. I got some “ERROR : LoadLibrary …” messages when trying to run them with the 32-bit v.
(Just mentioning this in case some runs into the same erorrs.)

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Super important release fixing DC offset bug in some oscillators!

Remove DC from following oscillators:

  • NeoFormant
  • NeoVarSawOsc
  • VarShapeOsc
  • VosimOsc
  • ZOsc