Quarks won't install?

I was trying to install dewdrop_lib, but… odd. Using either the gui or Quarks.install(“https://github.com/jamshark70/dewdrop_lib”) it says the quark is installed but it isn’t. The gui shows an error on the local path, and, checking, nothing has appeared in the downloaded-quarks directory.

I don’t think the problem is with this particular quark: any quark I try seems to behave in the same way. Any ideas? SC 3.10.0, macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra.

Do you have git installed and functioning?


Yes, I think so. In terminal, git --version shows 2.4.6

Functioning, though, that’s another question. Umm… not sure how I’ll test that…

Ok, thanks, that was the problem, my recent update to High Sierra seems to have broken git. Reinstalled Homebrew and used that to update git, all good now.

Glad to hear it.

Error reporting in Quarks is a weak point currently – often, it reports success even when the operation failed. So “says it’s installed” isn’t trustworthy. There’s an issue open for that somewhere.