S.latency post window comment out

I need set s.latency(=0.04) smaller than default(0.2?).

When i set s,latency , then difference latency ? value appear in post window.
I want run program 12hours, then post window comment will make stop server.
How can i set stop only latency value comment?

Is there “Clear Post Window” command ? like crt + shift + p by key borad

You can set latency smaller than the default, but if you’re seeing “late” messages in the post window, then it means 0.04 sec is too small for your system. Maybe the right value is 0.05 or 0.08?

The late message is telling you that the system is not doing what you told it to do – so the right approach is not to hide the messages. The right approach is to set latency so that the errors don’t occur.

When the server boots, it prints a message about maximum latency. In general, s.latency should be at least this large, plus a little extra in case message transmission is a little slow sometimes.

Is there “Clear Post Window” command ? like crt + shift + p by key borad

Yes, right click in the post window to see commands.

But the post window only keeps the last thousand (?) lines, so it shouldn’t blow up to occupy all of memory.


Thank you understanding my question and gave me advice.
I 'll check maxims latency , and refer it to set latency.