SC + raspberry pi setup?


I use SC for stage performances but i found laptop + dac too massive, because you also need midi controller. So I use raspberry pi3 + usb dac + hdmi touch screen + midi controller.

Problem is usb dac has a big latency so I want to buy i2c and add midi-in and out to my rpi.

Do you use any singleboard computers for SC performance?

I’ve recently set sc up on a pi with a Blokas Pisound, having heard on lines that it provides low latency and relative flexibility for ways to install, ie, headless or not, etc. The setup was easy and quick with the sc instructions I linked above, however, there’s also a user here/on lines, @mzero, who posted a great tutorial for getting it setup to run pd and sc headless. His walkthrough is here.

PiSound is a very nice Rpi solution, but not my cup of tea, because of stereo input/output instead of separate left and right input/output.

I use Wolfson Sound Card with Rpi3 for my latest project. I can not tell how much it can take, as I just started with it. However, the installation is okish and it has low latency (as far as I can tell). Let me know, if you want an installation guide, that starts with Raspbian Lite installation.
Here another possibility I tried out Prynth, although I decided later to go ahead and build my own version from scratch.

Hi all, and thanks for the shout-out, @edbkt!

At the request of Blokas, I now maintain the same info over at the Blokas forum in the Tutorials section: Headless Pi, Start to Finish.

@lambda: Is the problem lack of separate input trims? A small analog mixer with two inputs, panned hard left and right, will give you separate trims and gain, and fed to PiSound will get you independent inputs to SC. Look at the Mackie 402VLZ4 or ART Pro Audio mixers.

@bbscar: If you want to benchmark your set up, run my benchmarking tool: crunch-pisound/bench. Despite the project name, this benchmark will run on any SC system.

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