Spatialization over an Array of Speakers || DBAP?

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask you a piece of advice about a good method to spatialize one or more sources within an array of speakers.
My setup is 15 “speakers” 5 x 3 and I would love to move some sources in between them, respecting the ratios distance/amplitute, to have correct and smooth transitions.
A graphic example is attached.
Ideally I think it would be great to use the a vector base approach…

PS: Maybe DBAP Spatialization Plugin implemented in Sc by @woolgathering
reading from the paper :
it seems that it could work for this kind of situation…
Does anyone have experience with this tool/way of spatialize sounds?

Thank you as always


For Circles I use SplayAz. For domes I use VBAPSpeakerArray. I never used the DBAP Flavour you mentioned, which seems appropriate for your case. What is generating the control signal? mouse-trackpad? Joystick? LFO/Envelope? Only two Dimensions?

Yes, DBAP will work fine for situations like this. Any 2D speaker arrangement with grid-like placement of speakers generally works; I’ve tested in a grid situation similar to yours and it worked as expected. Issues arise when sources go outside the “convex hull” of the speakers and the issues are major.

I’m actually working on an updated version now that I hope to publish in the next few months. It will probably be different enough to warrant a completely different implementation since there are some wonky assumptions in the original DBAP (which remain in the published version) that I’m keen on removing.

Let me know if you need help compiling; any feedback is appreciated!

EDIT: Also wanted to note that the version of the paper you linked is an old version with mathematical errors. A revised one was published in 2014:


Hi @Benu, thank you for the reply and for sharing your experiences.

What is generating the control signal?
It was just a “simulation” made in Processing, the idea is to use some wind like behaviour to spatialize sound sources.

Only two Dimensions?

yes only a 2d grid of equidistant “speakers”

Anyway, I saw that Ina-grm worked quite extensively on Plugin for spatialization where the listener not has to be at the center.
Free plugin from ina-grm

Hi woolgathering,

I’m a bit lame. I’d like to compile it but need some help for Mac and Ubuntu. It seems not to be in Quarks.gui.

Yes, it’s not a Quark, it’s a plugin so must be compiled. I’ll write you privately and we can get it going.

In the meantime, you’ll need to download the SuperCollider source and install the Boost Geometry library. For Ubuntu, do:

sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev

Hi @woolgathering,
I’m in the same situation but on win 10

Just downloaded:
and the components for the source of sc

Ok, I’ll write you privately to solve it. I’ve never actually compiled it on Windows so I’ll need to do a little digging or ask here.