SuperCollider spatial performance tool: Live 4 Life


I should have posted this information before on this forum…
I would like to share a spatial performance tool, I’ve been developing for several years in SC.
I am not a professional developer, so you should not expect to see beautiful code and a standard way of coding (do not blame me), but I’ve been using this tool for several spatial improvisations in concerts with domes or rings of loudspeakers.

The whole code is on Github:
It includes all details to install it, as well as references and specific mentions.
Even though I try to document it as much as possible, especially with a wiki, which is in construction, it is quite complex to install and use, since it was first tailored to my spatial dreams, to link space and rhythm. You can contact me directly if you need help and want to test.

I will do research and training workshops on spatial improvisation with this tool at CIRMMT in Montréal in march/April.
You can find this specific event on CIRMMT website.
If you are there, I will be happy to show you this tool.

As I say in the acknowledgements, I would have been unable to build this tool without the help of this beautiful SuperCollider online community.

I will let you know in this post about future presentations and workshops.

Many thanks to All,




Next Wednesday, tomorrow, March 8, I will present on Zoom, as part of the Spatial Audio Meetup organized by Notam, the spatial performance tool Live 4 Life that I have been developing on SuperCollider for over 12 years. Several thousand hours given, more than any human relationship I have known. Being in English, I will do my best to be understandable to everyone. I will discuss some concepts about spatialization, my open source motivations behind this tool, its possibilities and limits in spatialized sound creations and improvizations and some aspects of the future of this tool.

You can see the details of the presentation on the FaceBook event with the link to Zoom Meeting.

Many thanks,