Users in Germany?


thought it might be nice to see how many people in Germany are using SC, if there are others in the region I live in (Weimar, Thüringen) etc. If someone else has already done this or if there’s an SC DE group or something I’d love to know about it!


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hey, im from Cologne :slight_smile:

Not super far at least. Leipzig here!

Oh, surprised to see another Leipzigian here.
I haven’t gotten to know any other SuperCollider users here except Sébastien: Lignes de Fuite | Sébastien Branche | mappa

I met and played a bit with Sebastien when I was living in Leipzig like 5 years ago, long before I was using SC - and I think before he was, too!

Based in Berlin and doing mostly live coding!

Hello from the deep southwest, I’m near Freiburg (im Breisgau)!

I’m in Berlin! A lot of SC users here, though I don’t know of any regular in-person meetups or anything (these would have been disrupted in the last year anyway…). I was thinking about running some workshops here this winter, depending on the c**** situation.

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I would probably come to Berlin for those depending on workshop content!

About 5 years ago I was in an art space in Berlin and the guy at the bar mentioned something about a live coding meetup - I had never heard of it back then (and didn’t find it interesting, haha). Ias wondering if any of these are still going on, or if it might be worth starting something similar eg. in Leipzig? I also heard of an algorave in Leipzig maybe in 2019 in Pracht - anyone know anything about that?

Mhm, i know of an art performance in 2019 in Leipzig, where they used Supercollider and something with more than 2 (or stereo) outputs. It also included a lot of dancers or actors or something along the line. It was at the Kontor 80. I at least visited that event. I don’t recall something like this being in the Pracht, but I also just go there every 2 times in a year or so…
I’ve never heard about a live coding event in Leipzig. But would surely be up for that. I mean there’s at least 3 Hackerspaces in Leipzig and many more locations for that to be possible.

hi! i’m currently in Düsseldorf
tinkering with sc3 library in python