VSTPlugin Event Pattern examples broken in v0.3.1?

I’m refering to the examples from

Triggering single synths with midi works fine but with Pbind examples I’m getting

ERROR: Message ‘uid’ not understood.
Instance of VSTPluginMIDIProxy

Something seems to go wrong here

~uid ?? { ~uid = midiout.uid };

Do we have to change the syntax for pattern examples ?


yes, there’s a regression in v0.3.1! I removed “unused” members from VSTPluginMIDIProxy but didn’t realize that Pbinds of type \midi look up the uid member (although it is only used by SysEx messages). This has already been reported and fixed on develop, but I didn’t have time to make a bugfix release. Maybe today.

BTW, v0.3.0 introduced the \vst_midi Event type for playing VST instruments with Pbinds. It almost has the same syntax as \midi but it takes care about Server latency and uses OSC bundles for accurate timing. See the section Sequencing in the help file for VSTPluginController. Updating from \midi to \vst_midi only requires minimal changes:

p = Pbind(
    \type, \vst_midi,
	\vst, ~ctrls[0],
	\legato, 1.5,
	\dur, 3,
	\midinote, Pxrand((48..70), inf)

With the upcoming bugfix release you can (again) use Pbind of type \midi, but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the various timing issues.

Hi Christof,

thanks for the quick fix !
Also great to hear about the latency solution - I think it will also make the use of PbindFx with midi easier, I was pointed to this option (and the issue of this thread) by a request of that kind: