VSTPlugin v0.1.0 released!


I’m happy to announce the first stable release of VSTPlugin!





(for the Linux users: in case the pre-built binaries don’t work because of a C++ ABI mismatch, consider building from source)

If possible, send bug reports to https://git.iem.at/pd/vstplugin/issues (needs an GitHub or gmail account) because it’s easier for me to track them. Otherwise just post them here.


VSTPlugin v0.1.0 is largely compatible to the last test release (VstPlugin pre-release) but the naming convention has changed from Vst to VST, e.g. VstPlugin => VSTPlugin. Better late than never :slight_smile:.

Other important changes/additions:

  • plugins are now probed in a seperate process, so opening a bad plugin shouldn’t crash the Server.
  • searched plugins are now simply stored by their name (instead of the relative file path). Subfolders are still searched but the folder names are not prepended anymore. This means you can have “SomePlugin” anywhere in your search paths and.open("SomePlugin") will just work.
    Another advantage is that the actual file name can differ across platforms and architectures because the plugin name is platform independent (e.g. “SomePlugin.vst”, “SomePlugin.so”, “SomePlugin_win32.dll” and “SomePlugin_x64.dll” can all be opened as “SomePlugin”).
    In the (rather unlikely) case of nameclashes, you have to resort to opening the plugin via its file path.

VstPlugin pre-release (outdated)
VstPlugin pre-release (outdated)
VstPlugin pre-release (outdated)

thanks for all your effort!


oooh, quite exciting!